Turkey, earthquake in Düzce

Turkey suffered more than 20,000 earthquakes in 2022

Turkey, one of the countries with the most earthquakes in the world, suffered an earthquake of intensity greater than 4 every 3 days in 2022.

Turkey suffered more than 20,000 earthquakes in 2022, producing at least one earthquake of magnitude greater than 4 every 3 days, according to seismologists, confirming that this country is one of the most seismically active in the world since it is crossed by several tectonic faults.

In statements to the Turkish news agency Anadolu made by Bülent Özmen, associate professor at the Center for Earthquake Research and Engineering at Gazi University in Ankara, he offered data on the earthquakes that occurred in 2022, recalling that the seismic activity in Turkey is constantly monitored by 1,143 seismological stations operated by the Disaster and Emergency Management Agency (AFAD).

These stations collected a total of 20,277 earthquakes throughout 2022 throughout Turkey, of which 128 exceeded 4 degrees of intensity on the Richter scale; 113 had an intensity between 4 and 5, 14 earthquakes had between 5 and 6 degrees, while one earthquake reached an intensity between 6 and 7 degrees on the scale, referring to the earthquake that struck Düzce last November, causing one death and dozens injured.

In addition to Turkey, in the rest of the world there were 15,438 earthquakes of magnitude greater than 4 during 2022, according to Özmen: “Around the world, there were 117 earthquakes with intensities between 6 and 6.9, 1,603 of magnitude between 5 and 5.9, and 13,707 earthquakes with magnitudes between 4 and 4.9”.