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Turkey registered in 2021 more than a million traffic accidents

Most traffic accidents with victims occur on Mondays. Interestingly, Istanbul is the province with the fewest fatal accidents.

Turkey registered in 2021 more than one million traffic accidents (exactly 1,186,000), of which 188,000 caused victims, including deaths or injuries, according to recent data from the Turkish Statistical Institute, which indicates that last year the number of deaths from traffic accidents in Turkey increased by 10.2%, despite which the government recently approved increasing the speed limit on some highways up to 140 km/h.

According to statistics, the total number of accidents also increased in 2021 compared to the previous year by 20.6%, while the number of accidents that caused death or injury increased by 25.1%. By province, the highest proportion of accidents with victims occurred in the eastern province of Bingöl, with a ratio of 33.5 accidents with victims per thousand motor vehicles.

Interestingly, the lowest fatality accident rate was recorded in Istanbul, with only 4.8 fatalities or injuries per 1,000 vehicles. The data also shows that 47.6% of those killed in 2021 in traffic accidents were drivers, while 30.3% were passengers and 22.1% were pedestrians.

Regarding the distribution by month of traffic accidents in Turkey, the majority of accidents with victims occurred in the month of July (11.7% of the total), while February is the month with the fewest accidents with personal injuries (4.8% of the total). If the days of the week are taken into account, Monday is the most propitious day for traffic accidents with deaths or injuries (15.7% of the total), while accidents with victims are less frequent on Sundays (11. 7% of the total).