Turkey, new speed limits in highways

Turkey raises speed limit on highways to 140 km/h

The new increase in speed limits will not be applied to all roads, but only to newly built highways in Turkey.

This Friday, July 1, the new speed limits on highways came into force in Turkey, which are increased on some roads from the previously valid 120 km/h, to 130 km/h and even up to 140 km/h on some routes.

The new speed limits, however, will not be applied across the country but will only be in force on certain highways whose design, layout and characteristics make them suitable for driving at speeds above 120 km/h.

Mainly, the upper limit of 140 km/h will apply to highways that are currently under construction, such as the one that will connect Istanbul with the city of İzmir or the one that will link Ankara with Niğde, taking into account their layout and their number of lanes.

The government’s decision to increase speed limits on some highways has been welcomed by many Turkish drivers; however, some associations and experts criticize the measure taking into account that, in the first four months of 2022 alone, more than 530 people died in traffic accidents in Turkey, with accidents on roads and highways being precisely those that cause the most deaths in Turkey, a country where many drivers admit not respecting the speed limits.