Turkey, humanitarian help

Turkey provided 26% of global humanitarian aid in 2019

For third year in a row, Turkey was the country in the world that donated the most humanitarian aid in 2019, contributing with 0.84% of its GDP.

Turkey provided almost 26% of all humanitarian aid distributed in 2019 worldwide, according to recent data published by the Development Initiative (DI), an independent international organisation dedicated to the study of sustainable development and poverty eradication.

As revealed in the latest Report on Global Humanitarian Aid prepared by the organisation and presented earlier this week, Turkey remained for the third consecutive year as the country that spends the most on humanitarian aid to other countries, with a spending that last year totalled 7,6 billion dollars of the 29,6 billion dollars that were used worldwide in 2019 in this concept.

After Turkey, the United States occupied the second place with 7,000 million dollars, followed by Germany (3,300 million), the United Kingdom (3,100 million) and Saudi Arabia (1,400 million). Turkey’s humanitarian spending in 2019 represented 0.84% ​​of its national GDP, while for the United States it represented 0.03% of its GDP, 0.08% of that of Germany, 0.11% of the GDP of the United Kingdom, and 0.18% of that of Saudi Arabia.

Turkey has ranked first in the world as the country that donates the most humanitarian aid in 2017, 2018 and 2019; in 2013 and 2014 it was third in the ranking prepared by DI, and in 2016 it was up to second place. Turkey has also been the country with most refugees in the world for 5 years, with some 4 million people hosted on its territory, most of them -3.6 million- from Syria.