Detection test for coronavirus made in Turkey

Turkey produces a test that detects the coronavirus 12 times faster

The test, presented last week and developed by Turkish scientists, takes only 90 to 120 minutes to detect the coronavirus, compared to the 24 hours it takes now.

Turkey announced Friday that it will export to several countries a new test developed by Turkish scientists that is capable of detecting the presence of the coronavirus up to 12 times faster than the time used so far.

It was Turkey’s own Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, who in statements to reporters in Ankara confirmed that the new test had been developed from the data provided by the WHO on the virus, and that there are half a dozen countries that already have ordered thousands of these virus detection kits.

The main advantage of these detection kits is that they allow to obtain much faster results than until now, and also do so with a reliability close to 100%. “Other detection kits give results (on the presence of the coronavirus) in a period that varies between 4 and 24 hours. But this kit (developed in Turkey) gives results in between 90 and 120 minutes. Right now we are working to reduce this further time, “said Koca.

The minister explained that the kit, which was presented last week and that has a reliability of 99.6%, will contribute twice to the well-being of patients, since they will be able to know much earlier if they are infected or not and, in case they are, they can start treatment before to get better results. “It helps patients not to wait too long, and to start proper treatment as soon as possible,” he said.

Turkey has not yet detected any cases of coronavirus

Regarding the situation of the coronavirus in Turkey, Koca recalled that thanks to measures such as the installation of thermal cameras at airports – long before the WHO declared the emergency due to the disease – no case has yet been detected in the country, ensuring that in any case Turkey is well prepared to face any possible outbreak.

In this regard, the minister stressed that awareness campaigns are being carried out to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, and especialized health personnel have been assigned to airports in Turkey. Koca added that the country’s hospitals have also been equipped with quarantine rooms, and that Turkey has the capacity to build a field hospital with 50 beds in just 24 hours.