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Turkey, one of the cheapest places to telework

Working 8 hours a day with a laptop costs €0.03 in Turkey. Spain and Germany are among the most expensive countries for teleworking.

Teleworking has become routine for many, especially as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic that forced us to lock ourselves up at home, either due to confinements, quarantine measures, or as a simple precautionary measure to avoid contagion risks. This new way of working has made many wonder what the costs of teleworking are, and even consider living in another country to work from home. Well, how about Turkey?

A study carried out in early 2021 by the website analysed which were the most common expenses for people who telework – from the cost of electricity, to the Internet or heating – and, from there, made a ranking of which are the most interesting countries where, those who can work from home, could move to reduce expenses and increase the profit margin.

The comparison yielded a curious fact: the most expensive country to telework is the small Caribbean island nation of Barbados, where it is estimated that working from home costs 500 euros in expenses such as Internet broadband, mobile lines, light, heating, or electricity to power a laptop, among other devices.

Spain and Germany, among the most expensive countries to telework

Next, we find among the most expensive countries for teleworking two European States: Spain, with an estimated cost of 467 euros, and Germany, where the costs for teleworking reach 452 euros.

In this ranking, which includes 28 countries, Turkey appears, however, on the opposite side, among the cheapest countries to work from home, with an estimated monthly cost of only 160 euros, which places it as the 5th most cheap country to telecommute; this average monthly cost includes expenses such as a broadband Internet package (11.6 euros), 1GB of mobile data (0.60 euros) or the cost of the kWh of electricity (0.07 euros).

Working 8 hours a day with a laptop costs 0.03 euros in Turkey

Those who telecommute from Turkey pay about 3 cents (0.03 euros) to charge a laptop battery to work 8 hours a day, with a total monthly cost of just 60 cents of euro. As for the cost of lighting a light bulb for 8 hours, it is also just over 3 euro cents, while using a stove for 8 hours costs 7.30 euros. If we want to heat water to make coffee or tea, which will take us about 10 minutes, we will pay less than 3 euro cents in Turkey.

However, as we have just seen, the monthly cost of heating / air conditioning is the highest when calculating the cost of teleworking in a country. Precisely, in Turkey it is comparatively very low (146 euros), although not as low as in Azerbaijan – one of the cheapest places for teleworking – where heating our workplace only costs 79 euros. By contrast, in the 5 most expensive countries to work from home, costs skyrocket: 436 euros in Barbados, 426 euros in Spain, 419 euros in Germany, 396 euros in Denmark, and 364 euros in Portugal.