Turkey national football team

Turkey national football team, quarantined for a positive in coronavirus

Vida, a Beşiktaş defender who plays for the Croatian national team, tested positive for coronavirus and hugged several players.

Turkey national football team was put in its entirety under preventive quarantine this Thursday after playing a friendly match with Croatia in which Beşiktaş‘s Croatian defender, Domagoj Vida, tested positive for coronavirus, being forced to leave the field in the middle of the match.

As reported by the Croatian Football Federation, Vida played the first half of the friendly with Turkey – which ended with a 3-goal draw – because initially both he and the rest of the team’s players had tested negative in the routine tests held on Monday; however, when the players were subjected to a new COVID-19 test on Wednesday morning – hours before the game – the player came out positive.

It was precisely in the middle of the match against Turkey when the Croatian team received the information that in the test carried out that same morning Vida had “potentially” tested positive for coronavirus, for which he was substituted in the second part of the match; a second test on the player’s sample later confirmed that he was infected with SARS-CoV-2.

The 31-year-old player, who plays as a defender for Beşiktaş, will now spend the next few days in quarantine in Istanbul; the problem is that precisely for the more than 3 years that Vida has been living in Turkey, he knows many players from the Turkish national team, whom he hugged after the game. He also hugged the Turkey’s coach and until 2019 Beşiktaş coach, Şenol Güneş.

The players, negative in coronavirus, will remain isolated

As a consequence, after the conclusion of the match with Croatia all the players of the Turkish team were subjected to new tests for coronavirus, and the Turkish Football Federation (TFF) instructed that all staff and players who had been in close contact with Vida were isolated from the rest.

Although according to the latest information released by the TFF all the tests carried out on the Turkish soccer team would have been negative, the team will still have to remain in quarantine until the UEFA Nations League match that is scheduled to play on Sunday against Russia. While players will run daily coronavirus tests until then, it is still unclear whether Turkey will finally be able to play Sunday’s game in Istanbul.