Roman Theatre in Ephesus, Turkey

Turkey is already the 6th largest tourist destination in the world

France, Spain, USA, China and Italy occupy the top 5 positions in the world rankings, while Myanmar, Puerto Rico and Iran are the fastest growing tourist destinations.

Having broken all tourist records in 2019, Turkey has become the 6th most visited tourist destination in the world, according to data recently published by the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), a UN agency based in Madrid.

Turkey received more than 52 million tourists last year, 14% more than in 2018, becoming the 14th country that experienced the greatest growth in its tourism sector in 2019. These good figures even led to revising the objective set by the government to reach 50 million tourists in 2023 – when the centenary of the birth of the Turkish Republic will be celebrated – and raise it to 75 million visitors.

According to the data handled by the UNWTO, France continued to hold in 2019 the first position as the country with the most tourist visits in the world, with more than 90 million visitors last year; Spain followed in second place with 83.8 million, while the United States ranked third with 78.7 million tourists.

China and Italy completed the Top 5, both hosting more than 60 million visits, while Turkey, Mexico, Thailand, Germany and the United Kingdom completed the ranking of the top 10 tourist destinations on the planet.

However, and despite the fact that the ranking of the most visited countries remained almost invariable in the top positions during 2019, there were some surprises regarding the tourist destinations that grew faster; within this section, Myanmar (Burma) topped the ranking with a 40.2% increase in tourists in 2019, followed by Puerto Rico, Iran, Uzbekistan, Montenegro and Egypt.