Istanbul, Christmas at İstiklal Avenue

Turkey increases security to receive the New Year

From today until New Year’s Day, Turkish police will increase checks, especially in crowded and tourist areas.

With hotels in many areas of Turkey at 80-90% of capacity, the Interior Ministry has announced a series of measures to increase security ahead of the New Year as millions of people prepare to greet the year 2023 with parties and celebrations throughout the country.

Thus, from this very Friday until Sunday, January 1, security forces will implement a special plan with the participation of 490,000 units, including police and gendarmes, who will be deployed in key places, especially in areas that are popular among the public during these days.

In addition, the ministry has instructed the governors of Turkey’s 81 provinces to increase inspections at tourist sites, markets, shopping malls, airports, ports, and means of transportation. Efforts will be redoubled to prosecute illegal activities, including illegal gambling but also the sale of fake alcohol. There will also be additional traffic controls, especially in highly tourist places.

To coordinate these and other special measures, the Turkish Interior Ministry has established a single control center during New Year’s Eve and New Year. This will be the second year that the country celebrates the arrival of a new year without restrictions due to the coronavirus pandemic, contrary to what happened with the arrival of 2021, when the Turkish government declared a night curfew for 4 days and prohibited all street celebrations.

Coinciding with the increase in security measures for the New Year, a terrorist of Iraqi nationality linked to Daesh was detained yesterday by the police in the province of Afyonkarahisar, in western Turkey, with plans to commit attacks against Christian and Jew places of worship, as well as in shopping and leisure centers, and foreign diplomatic representations.