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Turkey hotels prepare to receive tourists this summer

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has set 103 criteria that hotels must meet to obtain a certification that they are safe to receive tourists this summer.

In Turkey, the tourism industry in general and hotels in particular are already preparing to receive tourists this summer, complying with strict protocols and rules of hygiene and social distancing to avoid contagions due to the coronavirus pandemic.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism has established a total of 103 criteria that tourist establishments must meet in order to receive an international certification that certifies that they are meeting the highest hygiene and health standards, and that it will be applicable to both hotels and restaurants as well as airlines, airports and other means and facilities of passenger transport.

Among those guidelines set by the ministry, hotels in Turkey must prepare their facilities so that their guests can maintain social distance, and they will be informed upon arrival about the hygiene rules they must follow. The ministry has also advised tourist establishments to use online or contactless payment methods, and to avoid handling cash.

Hotels must also provide customers with disposable items, including soap, shampoo, towels and glasses; in the dining areas, tables must be separated by at least 1.5 meters apart, while the distance between the chairs must be at least 60 centimetres.

Antalya hotels will receive their first tourists in June

In addition, temperature controls will be carried out by hotel staff at the beginning and at the end of their work shift. Large hotels will not issue keys to guests to open rooms, and QR code-based systems are being prepared for use via mobile phones and thus carry out most of transactions.

Hotels will be able to continue offering the well-known all you can eat formula to their guests, but the food will no longer be served as a buffet, but will be shown to customers behind a showcase and will be served by the personal at the client’s prior request.

“Our certification program will ensure that our guests in Turkey are going to spend their holidays safely and hygienically, and that they will feel comfortable during their stay,” said Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy.

The Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism is asking all businessmen in the sector to prepare to take all possible measures so that the country’s hotels can receive tourists this summer, and many hotel complexes in Antalya -one of the main destinations for sun and beach in Turkey- are already preparing to receive their first tourists in June.