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Turkey finalises its artificial intelligence (AI) national strategy

Turkey has funded 2,000 AI projects, including deep learning, machine learning, decision support systems (DSS), e-commerce, and big data.

Turkey finalises and will soon launch an artificial intelligence (AI) national strategy that will be jointly developed by the public, private and academic sectors, Turkish Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank announced on Tuesday.

“In our strategy, we have defined six priorities that include human capital, research, entrepreneurship, infrastructure and data quality,” explained Varank during a forum organised by the Turkish public channel in English TRT World, which this year takes place virtually because of the coronavirus pandemic under the slogan “Changing dynamics: the international order in a post-pandemic world.”

The new AI action plan will also address social and economic problems, bilateral and international cooperation, and structural and laboral transformations, and is part of the so-called “National Technological Move” (Milli Teknoloji Hamlesi, in Turkish), which seeks to guarantee Turkey’s autonomy in areas such as economy and technology.

The minister further noted that the artificial intelligence national strategy includes the creation of a national AI institute with the participation of young researchers, entrepreneurs and engineers. “The future is bright for Turkey. Our doors will always be open to researchers and entrepreneurs from around the world,” Varank said.

Turkey ranks 16th in the world by number of artificial intelligence applications, and the State has funded through the Scientific and Technological Council of Turkey (TÜBİTAK) some 2,000 AI projects in the last decade, including deep learning, machine learning, decision support systems (DSS), e-commerce and big data.