Istanbul, disinfection during coronavirus pandemic

Turkey exceeds 7,000 daily coronavirus infections

Experts warn of the arrival of a third wave of coronavirus and that, despite the vaccine, measures against pandemic should be kept in 2021.

Turkey exceeded the barrier of 7,000 daily coronavirus infections with 7,381 new positives and 161 deaths registered in the last 24 hours, Health Minister Fahrettin Koca announced on Tuesday when reporting the latest data from the pandemic.

According to the most recent data provided by the Turkish Ministry of Health, with the latest infections and deaths, there are already 460,916 cases of coronavirus detected in the Eurasian country since the start of the pandemic in March, while the total number of deaths amounts to 12,672. At the same time, the number of patients who have overcome COVID-19 amounts to 381,569, with 3,678 new discharges in the last 24 hours.

With the arrival of autumn and the drop in temperatures, Turkey has seen since the end of September how infections by coronavirus increase each week, practically doubling each week compared to the previous one, registering consecutive records during this second wave of the pandemic.

In an attempt to curb this progression of the virus, last week the Turkish government announced new restrictions that include the closure of schools and other public venues such as cinemas and tea shops, while cafes and restaurants can only serve take away food and hours are limited to go out for people over 65 and under 20 years old. In addition, national curfews are reintroduced on weekends.

“We need your support so that the measures we have announced represent a change. Stay away from the crowds as much as you can,” the Turkish Minister of Health declared on Twitter on Tuesday after announcing the latest data on coronavirus infections. Meanwhile, several experts are already warning of the arrival of a third wave and that, despite the vaccine, measures against the pandemic should be maintained until the end of 2021.