Istanbul, minarets of the Blue Mosque at night

”Turkey does not intend to adopt the time change again”

Despite criticism for maintaining year-round summer time since 2016, Turkish government insists on benefits of abolishing the time change.

Turkey does not intend to adopt the time change again“: this is what the Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Fatih Dönmez, has said precisely 5 years after the Ankara government decided to abolish the time change and maintain summer time for the whole country.

Dönmez referred to the issue in response to an interpellation by opposition deputy Candan Yüceer (from the CHP party), who asked to abandon this practice on the grounds that it “condemns to darkness” to children going to school and employees going to work in the morning, during the winter; Yüceer also cited several studies that supposedly would show that keeping the same time throughout the year had not resulted in energy savings, as the government maintains.

However, the minister responded to the opposition deputy by reminding her of a scientific study prepared by the prestigious Istanbul Technical University (İTÜ), according to which the time change has a significant impact on energy costs and psychological and social consequences for human beings; therefore, keeping the same hour throughout the year helps reduce the energy bill in winter, and reduces levels of depression and anxiety associated with the shortage of daylight hours.

“Given the high concentration of population, industrialisation and urbanisation, and the high rates of energy use, in the west of the country, it has been shown that keeping the time at GMT +3 throughout the year helps the majority of the population to benefit from longer daylight hours, and improves energy efficiency“, Dönmez responded, insisting that keeping the same time reduces levels of anxiety, stress and depression related to seasonal changes and time change .

“We have saved about 6,82 billion kilowatt hours (of electricity) since the practice began (in 2016), which equates to savings of $ 531.9 million… We do not plan to change the current practice,” concluded the minister, insisting that Turkey has no plans to adopt the time change again.