Aid from Turkey to Spain against coronavirus

Turkey sends a plane with aid for Spain against coronavirus

The aid, which left in the morning from Ankara aboard a Turkish army plane bound for Madrid, includes face masks, face protections and disinfectants made in Turkey.

A military cargo plane loaded with medical aid left early this Wednesday from Turkey to Spain, one of the countries in Europe most affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

“Medical supplies prepared to fight COVID-19 together, and hoping to see brighter days, have been sent en route to Spain and Italy aboard A-400M type aircraft belonging to the Turkish Armed Forces,” Turkish Defense Ministry reported in a statement.

The plane departed at 9:04 a.m. Turkey time (7:04 CET) from the Turkish capital. The official note stated that the equipment shipped includes face masks, eye protection, disinfectants and other similar protective material, adding that these materials have been manufactured in “domestic and national” military plants in Turkey.

Included in the aid shipment was a message in which a quote from Sufi mystic Mevlana Jalaluddin Rumi, one of the most revered figures of Islam in Turkey, could be read in Turkish and Spanish, saying:

“There is so much hope after despair …

There are so many suns after darkness …

From Turkey to the Spanish people, affectionately. “

Spain already exceeds 100,000 infections by COVID-19

Spain already exceeds 100,000 detected cases of COVID-19 while the number of deaths from the new virus exceeds 9,000, representing more than 20% of the total number of deaths from the coronavirus worldwide. Precisely the Spanish government has criticised in recent days the lack of solidarity of its European neighbours, who are not only reluctant to allocate financial aid to tackle the crisis but have also not sent medical supplies.

On Monday night Turkish President Tayyip Erdoğan announced the sending of medical aid to Spain and Italy while launching a national fundraising campaign for workers who have lost their wages due to the COVID-19 crisis, for which he wanted to set an example by donating 7 months of his salary.

Erdoğan recalled that Turkey has sent aid against the coronavirus also to other countries, not only to Spain or Italy, and assured that the country has sufficient capacity to manufacture its own medical supplies and medicines to fight the coronavirus, including not only masks, disinfectants and protective material, but also respirators, and even medicines. Turkish scientists are also working on developing a vaccine.