Russia, Sukhoi Su-25 fighter

Turkey denies shooting down an Armenian air force fighter

Turkey asks Armenia to withdraw from the occupied territories in Azerbaijan “instead of resorting to propaganda tricks”.

Fahrettin Altun, chief of communications for the Turkish Presidential office, denied late Tuesday the claims published by some media according to which the Turkish army had shot down a Su-25 fighter jet belonging to the Armenian air force in the framework of the fighting with Azerbaijan for the Nagorno-Karabakh enclave.

“The claim that Turkey shot down an Armenian fighter jet is absolutely false. Armenia should withdraw from the territories it has occupied (in Azerbaijan), rather than resort to cheap propaganda tricks,” Altun said in a statement, accusing the government of Yerevan of “fabricate” the fake news.

For its part, the Ministry of Defence of Azerbaijan also denied the Armenian accusations, assuring in a statement that it is “another fantasy of the propaganda machine of the Armenian army.”

Hours earlier, the Armenian Defence Ministry had claimed that a Turkish army fighter plane that had taken off from the Azerbaijani province of Ganja, had shot down a Soviet-made Sukhoi Su-25 fighter over Armenian territory.

The situation is extremely tense in the Caucasus, where a pre-war climate has been living since on Sunday Armenian forces launched an attack on civilian and military positions on the line of separation between Armenia and Azerbaijan after the bloody war of the 1990s, causing 11 deaths. and 33 injured. The Baku government then decreed a general mobilisation and launched an offensive that has managed to recover several territories in the Karabakh enclave.