Turkey, airport amidst coronavirus pandemic

Turkey criticises EU veto to its citizens due to coronavirus

Turkey, whose citizens have been excluded from the list of countries that will be able to travel to the EU, believes that the decision does not take into account the achievements of the Turkish government in the fight against the coronavirus.

The Turkish government expressed on July 1 its “disappointment” over the EU‘s decision to exclude Turkey from the list of countries whose citizens are allowed to enter European Union territory, amid opening measures during the coronavirus pandemic.

In a statement, Turkish Foreign Ministry spokesman Hami Aksoy expressed Ankara’s concern about the 27’s decision to exclude the Eurasian country from the list of 15 countries whose citizens are allowed to travel to the EU from July 1.

“The efforts, measures and achievements made by Turkey to stop the coronavirus outbreak are evident. This decision should have been taken with objective criteria and taking into account the achievements of this country, which has been cited by the World Health Organisation and by the international community as an example (of fight against the virus),” Aksoy said.

Turkey’s foreign spokesperson stressed the “exemplary solidarity with the international community during the pandemic” that Turkey has shown, while insisting that the country will continue to cooperate and transparently report the pandemic to European institutions. “We hope that this error about travel restrictions on our citizens will be corrected as soon as possible,” the spokesperson concluded.

The European Union announced a list of 15 countries whose citizens are allowed entry into the EU member countries; this list, which excludes Turkey (but also countries like the United States, Brazil or Russia, where the COVID-19 pandemic has not yet reached its peak), will be reviewed every 15 days based on epidemiological criteria, including the response of countries to the coronavirus and its rate of decrease in virus infections.