Turkey, disinfection against coronavirus COVID-19

Turkey confirms its second coronavirus case

It´s a person from the closest circle to the first infected with coronavirus and who was already in quarantine. The Turkish Republic of Cyprus prohibits the entry of Spanish citizens.

Turkey’s Health Minister confirmed on Friday the country’s second case of coronavirus disease (COVID-19), a person from the circle closest to the first case of coronavirus detected earlier this week and who was already under quarantine.

“He is from the circle closest to our first patient, who was followed up as soon as (the first case) was diagnosed,” Fahrettin Koca explained on Twitter. “We have taken the necessary measures to contain the possible spread of the virus within these limits. Together we will overcome this problem,” stressed the minister.

The first case detected in Turkey on March 10th – when there were already hundreds of deaths in Europe and tens of thousands of people infected by the pandemic – was registered in a Turkish citizen who had recently returned from a trip to Europe, and who was detected in his arrival and quarantined along with his family and those who had contact with him.

Turkey steps up anti-coronavirus measures

Meanwhile, Turkey maintains very strict control and cleaning measures to prevent the virus from spreading through its territory, as it has done in other countries in neighboring Europe. In addition to intensifying the cleaning and disinfection of airports and public transportation, the Turkish parliament has banned visits until March 31th.

 In addition, travel abroad by public officials has been canceled, and schools and institutes will suspend their classes for a week from March 16. The closure of universities across the country has also been decreed for three weeks to avoid contagion from the virus.

The Turkish Republic of Cyprus prohibits the entry of tourists from UK and US

Also, the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (KKTC) announced additional measures on Thursday after the detection of the first case of the disease a few days ago.

Before the media, the country’s deputy prime minister and foreign minister, Kudret Özersay, explained that following the recommendations of the WHO and the UN to “take radical and aggressive measures”, the entry into the country of citizens coming from France, Spain, Germany, Greece, the United States, Switzerland, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Denmark, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Hong Kong, Belgium, Singapore, Austria, Qatar and Bahrain is forbidden.

In addition, the closure of educational centers continues until March 22th; until then, cinemas and theaters will remain closed and concentrations of people are prohibited, and the granting of new work permits to foreigners will also be suspended until that day. Lastly, the KKTC, closely tied politically and economically to Turkey, will control the prices of masks, gloves and disinfectants used against the coronavirus.