Ukraine, Russian massacre in Bucha

Turkey calls for an independent investigation into the massacres in Ukraine

The EU accuses Russia of committing war crimes in Bucha and Irpin. Moscow denies it and says that this is a “set-up” and a “provocation” by Ukraine.

Turkey has requested through its embassy in Kyiv that an independent and exhaustive investigation be carried out into the massacres committed in Ukraine, in the provinces of Bucha and Irpin, and that the European Union and the Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky have not hesitated to qualify as “war crimes” committed by Russian troops.

“The images of the massacre shown by the media and coming from the districts around Kyiv, including Bucha and Irpin, cause consternation. We share the pain of the friendly people of Ukraine,” said the message posted yesterday on Twitter by the embassy of the Republic of Turkey in Kyiv.

Attacking innocent civilians is unacceptable under any circumstances. Our expectation is that those responsible will be identified through an independent investigation,” added the message, which came shortly after the media published horrific images following the withdrawal of Russian soldiers from several towns on the outskirts of Kiev, in which dozens of dead civilians can be seen in the streets, often with their hands tied behind their backs and shot to the head.

After the withdrawal of the Russian troops, the Ukrainian army has also discovered what appear to be mass graves in which the Russians would have buried part of the murdered civilians: images that have caused worldwide consternation, but that Moscow has categorically denied, assuring that they are a “provocation” and a “setup” orchestrated by NATO and Ukraine, whose president has openly accused Russia of committing genocide. Satellite images, however, confirm that the mass graves were there when Russian troops occupied the area, and not later, as the Kremlin maintains.

In addition to requesting an independent investigation into the massacres around the Ukrainian capital, the Turkish embassy in Kyiv recalled the great efforts that the Turkish government is making so that the peace negotiations achieve the end of the conflict: “Turkey will continue to work to put an end to such shameful scenes for humanity, and to bring peace immediately, as it has been doing since the first day of the war.”