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Turkey becomes the 18th most populous country on the planet

With 27% of its inhabitants underage and less than 10% over 65, Turkey has a much younger population than the EU.

Turkey, with a registered population of 84.68 million inhabitants, is already the 18th most populous country on the planet and constitutes 1.1% of the total population of the world, according to data released this week by the United Nations with occasion of World Population Day.

The data presented by the UN also indicate that Turkey has a proportion of child and adolescent population – ranging from 0 to 17 years – higher than that of its neighbours in the European Union, with 26.9% of the population of the country made up of people from this group. In comparison, within the EU countries, the highest percentages of children and adolescents are found in Ireland (24.5%), France (21.1%) and Sweden (21%).

As for the proportion of the young population – the age group between 15 and 24 years – in Turkey it comprises 15.3% of the country’s population: a figure once again above that of the countries of the European Union, where only Cyprus (13.5%), Ireland (12.4%) and Denmark (12.2%) come close.

As for the elderly population aged 65 or over, in Turkey it represents only 9.7% of the country’s total population, a figure far from the figures found among the EU countries, where the nation closest to Turkey is Ireland (14%) followed by Luxembourg (15%); in turn, within the European Union, the countries with the oldest population are Italy (23.6%), Portugal (23.1%) and Finland (23%).

Turkey is therefore already in 18th place by number of inhabitants out of a total of 195 countries worldwide, where according to the UN the estimated population at the end of 2021 was 7,87 billion people. According to the figures handled by the United Nations, the country with the largest population on the planet is China (1.44 billion inhabitants) followed by India (1.39 billion), and in third place, but at a considerable distance, the United States (332 million): these 3 countries together add up, by themselves, to 40.3% of the total population of the planet Earth.