Women in Iran with masks for coronavirus

Turkey asks 9 countries to use Skype to talk about how to treat coronavirus

At least 9 countries, including Iran, have requested medical assistance from Ankara on how to combat and curb the COVID-19 coronavirus epidemic, since Turkey still does not register any cases.

The Turkish government confirmed on Wednesday that it will begin sharing information on how to treat and combat the epidemic caused by the COVID-19 coronavirus with 9 countries that have been infected, including Iran; but instead of holding face-to-face meetings, Ankara has requested consultations to be conducted through online communication applications such as Skype or Zoom.

The news was confirmed by the Turkish Minister of Health, Fahrettin Koca, who explained that medical teams of these countries will begin to organize videoconferences through this type of applications with health authorities of Turkey, from which they want to learn about the measures of caution and containment taken that got to keep the coronavirus out of Turkey to date.

Speaking to journalists from the headquarters of the Turkish parliament in Ankara, Koca explained that at least 9 countries have already requested technical advice from Turkey. “We will begin to share our experience and knowledge about anti-virus measures with other countries starting on Wednesday (March 4),” he announced.

Not a single case of coronavirus has been detected to date in Turkey, while in all its neighbouring countries several cases have been detected; especially in Iran, where about 3,000 cases have been confirmed and 92 have died to date from the disease.

Turkey recommended Iran quarantine the city of Qom

” ‘Please don’t come, let’s talk on Skype,’ we said to them,” the minister told reporters when referring to the request made by the Iranian health authorities to meet with their Turkish counterparts to address this problem. According to the Turkish press, Koca explained that when the first cases were detected in the Iranian city of Qom, Turkey recommended that Iran imposed a quarantine on the city, but the Iranians ruled it out.

“They said there was no need for a quarantine. And now (which has spread throughout the country) it has become a serious matter, and they have asked for our help on what steps they should take to fight the virus. They wanted to send a delegation here to meet with our Scientific Council, but we told them not to come and that instead, we would have Skype conversations,” Koca said.

The request of the Turkish Health Minister to use Skype comes a few days after the Iranian Vice Minister of Health, Iraj Harirchi, announced that he was infected with the coronavirus. Dozens of Iranian authorities, including 23 deputies and a vice president, have already confirmed that they have COVID-19. On Wednesday, several media announced that Iranian Minister of Industry, Mining and Commerce, Reza Rahmani, had also tested positive.