coronavirus vaccine by Chinese company Sinovac

Turkey approves use of Chinese coronavirus vaccine

The vaccine, of which Turkey has purchased 50 million doses, will begin to be administered this week on a voluntary basis in two doses.

The Turkish Agency of Medicines and Medical Products (TİTCK) approved last Wednesday the emergency use of the coronavirus vaccine developed by the Chinese biopharmaceutical company Sinovac, after two weeks carrying out tests on the first shipment of 3 million of doses of the vaccine that arrived in Ankara on December 30.

As announced in a statement by the Turkish Ministry of Health, the samples of the Sinovac vaccine were analysed following international protocols, in which their quality, level of effectiveness and reliability under the storage and administration requirements provided by the manufacturing company are examined.

After its approval in Turkey, the coronavirus vaccine is scheduled to begin to be administered this week, starting with health personnel and nursing homes; later, the vaccine will be administered by appointment through primary care centers and public and private hospitals. It will be supplied in two doses with a difference of 28 days between both, and will be completely voluntary.

The news about the approval of the Chinese vaccine against the coronavirus comes when many countries in Europe face serious confinements due to the increase in infections because of the COVID-19 pandemic; in Turkey, however, the number of infected people continues to decline: on Tuesday the Minister of Health announced that in the last 24 hours there were fewer than 10,000 positives – 9,809, 983 with symptoms and the rest asymptomatic – and 171 new deaths.