Turkey, disinfection for coronavirus COVID-19

Turkey announces its first death from coronavirus

The first coronavirus fatality in Turkey, where the number of infections is now 98, is an 89-year-old man. The Turkish government has banned visits to nursing homes.

Turkey’s health minister confirmed to journalists late Tuesday the country’s first recorded death from the coronavirus, coinciding with an increase to nearly a hundred in the number of infections reported in Turkey.

“It has been discovered that the patient victim of the coronavirus contracted the disease from an employee with connections to China,” Health Minister Fahrettin Koca said in his regular press conference that he offers every night to report the latest news on the COVID -19 disease.

The deceased is an 89-year-old man, according to the minister, who also reported that 51 new cases of coronavirus infections had been detected in Turkey, bringing the total number of cases registered -since on March 10th the first infected person in the country was detected- to 98. It is not clear if these new cases are related to any of the 3,614 Turkish citizens repatriated yesterday from Europe.

Turkey was one of the last countries in Europe to register cases of the new virus, thanks to the drastic measures imposed by the Turkish government, including the closure of borders and the suspension of flights with the 20 most affected countries, including UK.

Turkey bans visits to nursing homes

In recent days, the Turkish authorities, who have already suspended classes at schools and universities, have announced new measures such as the closure of bars, cafes, cinemas, gyms, swimming pools, and other places of entertainment or where there are crowds of people. These restrictions have meant that in places like Istanbul the use of public transport has been cut in half, or that many streets are almost deserted due to fear of the virus.

The latest measures imposed by the executive concern nursing homes, precisely where the population most vulnerable to the coronavirus lives. The Ministry of Family, Labour and Social Affairs has announced that these places are being disinfected daily and that all non-essential visits have been prohibited. In addition to the visitors, the staff verifies every 6 hours that elderly residents do not present symptoms of COVID-19.