Libya, Turkey and Qatar

Turkey and Qatar to rebuild the Libyan army

Turkey recalls that the mass graves found in Libya show the true intentions of General Haftar and those who support him.

The Tripoli-based government of Libya has reached an agreement with Turkey and Qatar to boost military cooperation and rebuild the Libyan army, following a visit to the Maghreb country by the defence ministers of both countries.

It was Libyan Deputy Defense Minister Salah Al-Namroush who made the announcement in a statement on Monday after a tripartite meeting in Tripoli with Turkish Defence Minister Hulusi Akar and his Qatari counterpart, Khalid bin Mohammad Al Attiyah. The agreement calls for Turkey and Qatar to establish facilities in Libya for military advice and training; in addition, both countries will send advisers and military personnel to the African country.

The defence ministers of Qatar and Turkey underscored their advocacy for a political solution to the Libyan conflict, but also their full support for the country’s legitimate government, the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord (GNA), which is recognised by the United Nations.

The GNA faces an offensive by the Libyan National Army (LNA) under the command of General Khalifa Haftar (who supported Gaddafi in his rise to power), whose government is based in the city of Tobruk and is supported by France, Egypt, United Arab Emirates, and indirectly – through paramilitary organisations such as the Wagner Group – by Russia.

“Turkey is on the right side in the Libyan conflict”

“We are here at the invitation of the Government of National Accord recognised by the United Nations. We are here to support it. We will continue to make all our efforts for the integrity, unity and prosperity of the Libyan people,” said the Turkish minister after the meeting, saying that the negotiations in Libya were very fruitful.

Akar stressed that the Turkish army continues to support the GNA in the demining process and disposal of explosive devices left behind by Haftar’s forces after their withdrawal. “We are doing everything necessary to protect civilians,” he insisted.

On Turkey’s position, the minister stressed that Turkey is on the right side in the Libyan conflict by supporting the legitimate government of Tripoli. “We are undertaking efforts for a permanent truce, and everyone knows well what the other party is busy with… Everyone must understand what has happened in Tarhuna, what the mass graves found there mean, and who supports whom in Libya,” Akar said.