Turkey and Azerbaijan, military exercises

Turkey and Azerbaijan to carry out joint military exercises

These large-scale military exercises are a response to the recent attacks by Armenia on the border against Azerbaijan, a country with strong historical and cultural ties to Turkey.

The armed forces of Turkey and Azerbaijan will carry out large-scale joint military maneuvers in Azerbaijani territory, the Azerbaijani Defense Ministry announced on Monday, just days after the tension between Armenia and Azerbaijan skyrocketed, because of several armed confrontations on the border that left dozens of dead.

In a statement issued from Baku, Azerbaijan reported that the exercises will involve the ground forces of both countries and will be held from August 1 to 5 in Baku and Nakhichevan, an autonomous republic belonging to Azerbaijan but located between Turkey and Armenia. “The exercises, with the participation of military aviation, will be held from July 29 to August 10 in Baku, Nakhichevan, Ganja, Kurdamir and Yevlakh,” it added.

“The joint military exercises will involve military personnel, armed vehicles, artillery and mortars, as well as military aviation and air defense equipment,” the Azerbaijan’s statement said.

These joint military maneuvers between Turkey and Azerbaijan, two allied countries with close cultural, historical and ethnic ties, seem to want to send a clear message to their neighbouring Armenia, which days ago launched an attack against Azerbaijan on its northern border in the region. of Tovuz, killing 11 Azeri soldiers: an action that was condemned by Ankara, who warned Yerevan that it would not hesitate to support its ally in a possible conflict.