Istanbul, Sultanahmet: disinfection due to coronavirus (COVID-19)

Turkey already registers 15,679 infections by coronavirus, 60% in Istanbul

Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara are the provinces with the most cases of COVID-19. 80% of the deceased are over 60 years old. The doctor who cared for the first coronavirus patient in Turkey has died.

The number of infections in Turkey due to the coronavirus has already reached 15,679, 60% of them located in Istanbul, while the death toll now rises to 277, according to data offered late on Wednesday by the Minister of Health Fahrettin Koca during a press conference after a meeting held by the Scientific Council to address the COVID-19 crisis.

Koca explained that in the last 24 hours 14,396 new tests had been carried out in Turkey in suspected cases, of which 2,148 had tested positive. According to the latest data, 979 patients remain in intensive care units across Turkey.

The ICU occupancy rate in public hospitals averages 63% across the country, although it drops to 40% in the Anatolian provinces (which does not include Istanbul). At the same time, Koca indicated that 90 other patients had been discharged, which means that 333 infected people have already overcome the COVID-19 disease.

Istanbul, İzmir and Ankara, the provinces with the most cases of COVID-19

For the first time and breaking with the strategy followed so far, the minister offered data on the number of infections by province, confirming that positive cases of coronavirus have been detected in the 81 provinces of the country, although only Istanbul – where 8,852 have been registered positive cases- accumulates 60% of contagions by coronavirus in all Turkey.

Turkey, map of coronavirus contagions

After Istanbul, the province of İzmir ranks second with 853 infections, while the capital (Ankara) is in third place with 712. They are followed by Konya (584), Kocaeli (410), Isparta (268), Sakarya (207 ), Adana (197), Bursa (135) and Samsun (112) as the Turkish provinces with the highest number of the new virus infections.

As for the number of deaths, as is logical, Istanbul accumulates the highest number of deaths due to the coronavirus with a total of 117 deaths; followed by İzmir (18), Kocaeli (8), Ankara (7), Konya (7), Zonguldak (5), Trabzon (5), Balıkesir (5), Adana (3) and Sakarya (3), while the the rest are spread across 29 other provinces.

Koca once again insisted on the need for older people and those with chronic diseases to stay home; specifically, Koca pointed out that 80% of the deceased occurred among those over 60 years of age, which also constitute 75% of the patients who are currently admitted to hospitals receiving treatment for the virus. In addition, 68.8% of the dead and 63.3% of ICU patients have hypertension problems.

Doctor who treated the first patient with coronavirus dies

The minister also revealed – with a voice cracked by emotion – that among the nearly 16,000 coronavirus infections detected in Turkey, 601 health personnel are included. Koca also announced the death of the first doctor from COVID-19: Professor at the Istanbul University School of Medicine, Cemil Taşçıoğlu, who was one of the doctors who treated the first patient diagnosed with coronavirus in the country.