Turkey, high speed train

Travel in just 80 minutes from Istanbul to Ankara? It’s possible

A new high-speed line will connect Istanbul and Ankara at 350 km/h, reducing total travel time to 80 minutes.

Traveling in just 80 minutes from Istanbul to Ankara will be possible thanks to a new high-speed train project that has just received the green light from the Turkish government, according to reports in Turkish press, which indicate that the Turkish Ministry of Transport has already started the feasibility studies of the new project, whose route is still unknown.

Currently, the high-speed train (YHT, for its acronym in Turkish) that connects the Bosphorus metropolis with the Turkish capital reaches a top speed of 250 km/h and takes about 5 hours to complete the journey. The new line will travel at 350 km/h and, according to Turkish media, will reduce the total travel time to 80 minutes, which would mean that the train journey between the two cities would be in direct competition with plane.

Between 2003 and 2020, the Turkish State has invested close to 20 billion euros in modernizing and improving its railway lines, which currently have an extension of 12,803 kilometers – 1,200 of them of high-speed – and are expected to reach 16,700 by 2023.

To build the new high-speed route between Turkey’s two largest cities, it is estimated that 70 tunnels and 40 viaducts will need to be built. Once completed, the new line between Istanbul and Ankara will be able to carry about 240,000 passengers a day, or 88 million travellers a year.