Turkey, murder by the governor of Hatay

Tragedy in Turkey: governor murders his mother and brother

The deputy governor of Hatay was arrested after murdering his mother and brother during an inheritance dispute.

Tragedy has shaken the province of Adana after the vice governor of the neighbouring province of Hatay, located in the south of the country on the border with Syria, was detained by the police after murdering his own mother and brother, who were shot with a gun during a family dispute over an inheritance.

Tolga Polat murdered his mother İkbal Polat and his brother, Altuğ Polat, late on Tuesday, August 11, after the family met to discuss the distribution of an inheritance in their home, located at 64004 Street in the neighbourhood of Kurtuluş, in the centre of the city of Adana. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss the distribution of money and land before a trial.

It appears that during the meeting there was a heated discussion during which the deputy governor of Hatay ended up firing with a gun at his brother and a lawyer by profession, Altuğ Polat, and at their mother, İkbal Polat. The father, Şeref Polat, who apparently owned the land and money to be distributed and who was also present at the time of the events, was nevertheless unharmed.

After the incident, the perpetrator fled the scene and the neighbours, alerted by the shots, notified the police and emergency services, which upon arrival could only confirm the death of İkbal and Altuğ Polat. Adana Police Department Chief Doğan İnci came to the crime scene in person to inspect the scene.

Vice Governor Tolga Polat was later arrested and taken to police station, where he was interrogated for the double murder of his mother and brother. The father was also taken to the police station to testify as a witness to the tragedy.