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Time Change: Turkey and the UK, separated again by 2 hours difference

The UK carried out the time change this morning, advancing the clocks one hour to adjust them to summer time: this means that Turkey and the UK are once again separated by just 2 hours, and not 3 hours as it had been since October. The reason is that since October 2016 Turkey no longer makes time change and keeps summer time all year round: that is, Turkish time is always GMT+3; in this way, when the United Kingdom sets its clocks back in October and abandons British Summer Time, the time difference with Turkey is extended to 3 hours.

The Turkish government’s decision to keep the same time all year round is firm and definitive, while the EU is still debating whether to end this controversial practice that disrupts sleep rhythms: despite the debate that started a few years ago, the reality is that for now there are no concrete plans to end time change in Europe.