USA, viral video on TikTok about Uyghurs

TikTok restores viral video about persecution of Uyghurs in China

The video, in which a young woman denounced the internment of one million Uighur Muslims in concentration camps in China, was eliminated by TikTok and its author blocked.

The well-known Chinese mobile app TikTok has announced that it has unlocked the young American woman and restored her viral video in which she criticised the systematic persecution of Uyghurs and the detention in camps of up to one million members of this Muslim minority who lives the northwest border of China.

Eric Han, head of the TikTok content moderation team for the United States, reported in a statement that the video was removed for a period of 50 minutes due to what he described as “a human error of moderation,” admitting that the content of the video did not violate the operating rules of the application.

The 40-second video was made by a young 17-year-old Muslim American woman identified as Feroza Aziz, a resident of New Jersey, and begins as a harmless tutorial on how to get longer eyelashes; however, after a few seconds, the young woman changes her speech and asks those who see her to inform themselves about the treatment that China gives to the Uighur minority, culturally and ethnically related to the Turks.

“Use the cell phone you are using right now to find out what is happening in China, how they are putting innocent Muslims in concentration camps, separating families, kidnapping them, killing them, raping them, forcing them to eat pork, to drink alcohol, forcing them to convert to other religions so as not to be killed, “says Aziz.

“This is another Holocaust, but nobody is talking about him”

This is another Holocaust, but nobody is talking about it,” said the young woman, who seconds before the end of the video changes her words again to explain how to retouch her eyes.

The video went viral and accumulated about 10 million views before it was deleted by TikTok; in addition to attributing his erasure to an alleged human error, Han justified the decision to block the young woman’s account as a result of publishing a previous video in which he satirically placed an image of Osama Bin Laden.

But this argument was rejected by the girl, who has questioned whether it is a “coincidence” that the measure was imposed not then, but after publishing the video criticising the Chinese government. Aziz also says that she inserted the message about the Uyghurs in the video about makeup to try to make it unnoticed to the censorship of those responsible for the mobile app, because this is not the first time that they have eliminated this type of videos.

One million Uyghurs interned in concentration camps

It is estimated that China has detained at least one million members of the Uighur minority in detention centres similar to concentration camps, which Beijing defines as “training centres” allegedly intended to “re-educate” the Uyghurs, whose population is estimated around 8 million people, equivalent to 45% of the inhabitants of the Chinese province of Xinjiang.

This latest incident over the elimination of the video about the persecution of the Uyghurs at the hands of China has revived criticism against TikTok, a popular application among millions of American teenagers; many in Washington believe it collects private data for the Chinese government by compromising the national security of the USA, and practices censorship of content that is critical of Beijing or annoying for the regime.