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Tickets for F1 Turkish GP will go on sale next week

At just 3 euros a day, tickets will be the cheapest in F1. The Turkish GP will be one of the few that will be raced this year with public.

Tickets for the Turkish GP to be held at the Istanbul Park circuit in mid-November, 9 years after the last F1 race at the Istanbul circuit, will go on sale next week at a tremendously cheap cost: only 30 liras (less than 3.5 euros), the cheapest price of all the races on the Formula 1 calendar, say its organisers.

“We are going to sell the cheapest tickets of all F1 races,” said Vural Ak, president of Intercity, the company that manages the Istanbul Park circuit, where the race – included this year for the first time since 2011 on the Formula 1 calendar – will be held between 13 and 15 November,

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, however, the Istanbul circuit will only sell about 100,000 tickets: that is, less than 50% of its maximum capacity, which is 220,000 spectators. The cost of a ticket for the three days of races will be 90 liras, just over 10 euros.

The Turkish GP will be one of the few to be raced with an audience

As Ak underlined, Istanbul will be one of the few F1 races this year – along with Russia and Portugal – where spectators will be allowed. “No race in the United States has been held with an audience; in Europe, almost all races were held without spectators. But we will be successful with the public,” he said.

Although due to the pandemic the majority of the public will be local, there will also be many spectators who will come to Turkey to watch the race, especially because of the spectacular layout of Istanbul Park. “We will receive about 20,000 foreign tourists, and we expect about $ 50 million in revenue. With local audiences, we expect total spending to reach $ 100 million during the races,” Ak said.

The popular prices announced for the F1 Turkish GP tickets represent a complete change in the circuit’s previous pricing policy; part of the blame for the failure of the Turkish GP was attributed in 2011 to the cost of tickets, which ranged from 43 euros to 355 euros. In addition to the Formula 1 Grand Prix, Istanbul Park will host various events related to the world of motor and cars, concerts, and activities for children.