Turkey, the oldest woman to beat coronavirus

This 125-year-old Turkish woman is the oldest person in the world to beat the coronavirus

Born in the late nineteenth century, Grandma Eşe has 13 children and nearly 400 grandchildren, and has no health problems. Her secret is in the natural diet she takes, says his family.

A 125-year-old Turkish woman who has 13 children and about 400 grandchildren has become the world’s oldest person to beat the coronavirus, Turkish media reported.

Eşe Gebelek, affectionately nicknamed “Grandmother Eşe” and a resident of the Anatolian province of Kahramanmaraş, appears on her identity document as being born more than a century ago -on July 1, 1894– in Aydın province, although neither she herself knows her real age because when she was born in the late nineteenth century the records were not so reliable.

Eşe was able to recover from COVID-19 after spending two weeks receiving treatment at a Kahramanmaraş hospital. “They took care of me, they treated me very well,” she says, thanking the doctors and nurses at the hospital, where she spent a week in intensive care and another in the ward.

Hamdullah Gelebek, Eşe’s youngest son, assures that the secret of his mother’s long and healthy life is a completely natural diet. “She has met the children of her grandchildren’s grandchildren. Officially she has 83 grandchildren; however if you also count their grandchildren’s children, the number would be around 400,” she says.

Her relatives explain that after being discharged, Eşe had to spend another two weeks in isolation at home, quarantining for the coronavirus. Now, however, her health is good. “Thanks to the milk, yogurt and cheese that he has eaten all his life, she has no other health problems,” they emphasise. Before Eşe, the oldest person in the world to beat the coronavirus was a 113-year-old woman from the Spanish town of Olot (Girona).