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These are the Turkey’s happiest regions to live

A study has revealed where do happiest people live in Turkey, and what things make Turkish people more happy.

A recent study carried out has revealed which are the Turkey’s happiest regions to live and also which are the areas of the country where people are unhappiest, also showing what makes Turkish people happy. Conducted by surveying some 1,150 Turks with questions, the study asked participants to rate their level of happiness on a scale of 1 to 10, yielding an average happiness of 4.96 for the entire country.

However, not in all regions of Turkey the level of happiness is the same; thus, the survey revealed that the Aegean region (on the west coast of the country) is where the highest rates of happiness were recorded, with 52.5% of the participants responding that they were happy in their life, while the levels lowest happiness scores were obtained in the Southeastern region of Anatolia. The classification of the regions with the highest level of happiness was as follows:


  1. Aegean 52.5%
  2. Marmara 51.9%
  3. Black Sea 49.7%
  4. Eastern Anatolia 48.8%
  5. Mediterranean 47.8%
  6. Central Anatolia 47.1%
  7. Southeastern Anatolia 45.8%
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The happiness of the Turks was also divided into several categories for the study, and the respondents were asked what their main source of happiness was, with the result that the main source of happiness for people is being with their loved ones, an option that chose 22.2% of the participants; interestingly, one of the least valued options was the relationship with the partner, which only 5% selected as their main reason for being happy. In summary, the answers about what is the main source of happiness for the Turks, were the following:


  1. being in the company of loved ones (22.2%)
  2. have physical health (14.9%)
  3. have mental health (14.1%)
  4. relationship with children (12.7%)
  5. believe that life has a purpose (9.9%)
  6. fulfil dreams (7.7%)
  7. have a sufficient standard of living (6.3%)
  8. money (5.4%)
  9. the relationship with the partner (5%)

When the respondents were asked to choose the daily activity that made them happiest, watching the sunset was the most chosen option, since 22.1% of the participants said they felt happy for this reason. These were the responses of people who live in Turkey about what daily activity makes them happiest:


  1. watch the sunset (22.1%)
  2. receive a gift or a nice message (14.6%)
  3. finding money in your pocket by surprise (10.9%)
  4. the smell of the soil with the rain (9.8%)
  5. falling asleep with the smell of clean sheets (9.4%)
  6. listen to my favourite song (8.2%)
  7. go shopping (8.2%)
  8. watch a good movie (7.8%)
  9. getting up on a sunny day (7.3%)
  10. wake up one minute before the alarm goes off in the morning (1.7%)