snow in eastern Turkey

Temperatures of -23°C and 3 metres of snow in eastern Turkey

Eastern Turkey is currently experiencing the consequences of a harsh winter that has left snow and, in some areas, temperatures as low as -23 ºC, such as those recorded last night in Göle, a small town in the province of Ardahan, on the border with Georgia.

The provincial capital Ardahan itself has recorded temperatures of -18°C, while Lake Çıldır, located between the provinces of Ardahan and Kars and covering an area of more than 120 square kilometres, is completely frozen. Meteorologists warn that the cold coming from Siberia will continue for the time being, so authorities have asked the citizens of the region and especially drivers to exercise extreme caution in the presence of ice and snow, which in some areas has exceeded 3 metres thick with the consequent risk of avalanches.