Antalya, mother leaves hospital after battling with coronavirus

”Stay home”: the message of a mother who lost her son to COVID-19

At 83, Ayşe Polat has passed COVID-19 but has lost one child to the coronavirus, and has another in intensive care. His message is clear: stay home to stop the virus.

Ayşe Polat, an 83-year-old Turkish woman who has managed to recover from COVID-19, but who has lost one of her children to the coronavirus while another has been admitted to intensive care, is very clear about the message that it must transmit to all Turkey: stay at home and follow all the recommendations to stop the virus.

Speaking to the Anatolia news agency upon arrival at her home in Antalya after being discharged from hospital, Polat wanted to thank everyone who cared for her during her convalescence, but insisted on the importance of people staying in their houses.

I ask all of Turkey to please stay home to get rid of this virus. It is a terrible disease. I have lost my own son to this virus. My other son has been in intensive care for the past 25 days. You cannot breathe. Please everyone be careful. Do not leave your houses,” asked the woman.

Regarding how she contracted the virus, Polat believes that it was during a funeral she attended to, since she assures that after the funeral ceremony she began to lose her appetite and later vomited, at which point she decided to go to the hospital.

“Let’s get through this together”

“After the tests, they sent me home. While I was trying to recover at home, I received the news that my son had passed away. I wanted to go to where my son was, but by then an ambulance came and took me to the hospital, because my blood test had tested positive in COVID-19 . I regained consciousness three days later,” says the woman.

In her opinion, the fact that her two sons were smokers played a key role in the battle against the disease. “My son died from smoking. They are smokers, and they both have pacemakers. Although the virus is the official cause (of his death), it is much more devastating in smokers,” she insisted.

Now this mother watches over the health of another son still admitted to the hospital and has one thing clear: she will not let her daughter, who lives with her, leave the house. “There will be no hugging and there will be no crying. We will get through this together,” she concludes while speaking of the COVID-19 pandemic.