Turkey and Spain, flags

Spain wants to further strengthen its ties with Turkey

The Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez, announced an upcoming intergovernmental summit between Spain and Turkey.

Spain would like to strengthen its ties and relations with Turkey, and to this end it plans to hold an intergovernmental summit between the two countries this year, 2021, as announced this week by the Spanish prime minister, Pedro Sánchez.

During a meeting with ambassadors held in Madrid, Sánchez affirmed his desire to strengthen cooperation and relations with Turkey, which he referred to as “a strategic partner of the European Union and an ally in NATO.” The Spanish prime minister also pointed out that Spain supports constructive dialogue with Turkey in the dispute that this country has in the Mediterranean with Greece and the Greek Cypriots.

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlüt Çavuşoğlu visited Spain just a few days ago on an official trip, where he thanked Spain for the support that Spain has always maintained – whatever the government is – for Turkey’s entry into the European Union. Çavuşoğlu highlighted during his visit to Madrid the historical good relations that both countries have maintained, which he referred to as two partners and allies in the Mediterranean.