Turkey, floodings in Antalya

Severe flooding after torrential rains in Antalya

The “worst rains in the last 50 years” have caused flooding and extensive damage in this region of Turkey.

Torrential rains in Antalya caused severe flooding in this province on Turkey’s Mediterranean coast, especially in the Kumluca and Finike districts, damaging multiple buildings and cars in a disaster described by authorities as “the worst rains in the last 50 years”, although there are no injuried or deaths to be regretted.

In Kumluca, authorities warned residents over a loudspeaker system to stay in their homes or in elevated, safe areas, after floodwaters swept several cars through streets, forcing emergency services to even use bulldozers to rescue people trapped inside their vehicles.

The floods also affected the electricity supply in both districts, which suffered power cuts while the suspension of classes in schools was decreed for this Monday. Many cars ended up being swept out to sea, while hundreds of greenhouses in the region were flooded or seriously damaged.

Tekin Erdemir, governor of the Kumlucha district, confirmed to the Anatolia news agency that torrential rains that fell with particular intensity late yesterday have left severe flooding and destruction in the region, also causing damage to roads and bridges. A resident of this area of Antalya told media that he woke up in the middle of the night alarmed by the announcements over loudspeakers: “I told the people who live on the first floor to come out and go upstairs. I looked out the window, and I saw a car on top of mine… and they were both being washed down the street.”