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Second incident in 3 days between Turkish and Greek fighters in the Aegean

Turkey denounces that Greek fighters fixed Turkish fighters on their radars while they were carrying out a NATO mission over the Aegean Sea.

Ankara denounces that Greek fighter jets harassed Turkish jets carrying out a NATO mission over the Aegean Sea, which separates the two countries, as confirmed by sources from the Turkish Defence Ministry, in what is the second incident of this type carried out by Greek planes in just 3 days.

Sources from the aforementioned ministry told Turkish press that the Greek fighters fixed their radars on two F-16 aircraft of the Turkish army while they were escorting a NATO early warning spy plane (AWACS) during a training flight: an hostile action that pilots perform to lock onto a target before launching their guided missiles at the enemy; in response, the Turkish fighters countered by fixing the Greek air force planes on their radars as well.

Greece is harassing NATO missions carried out by Turkish fighter jets as part of its policy of war escalation,” said the source – not cited for reasons of anonymity – from the Turkish Defence Ministry, who reiterated that this type of incident only can be explained if it’s part of deliberate and planned actions, as part of a strategy.

As happened after the first incident between Turkish and Greek fighters in the Aegean, Turkey has already notified NATO of this new hostile action, since both countries are members of the organization; however, Ankara denounces that the version that Greece gave of what happened to the Atlantic Alliance after the first incident, does not reflect the truth. Both countries maintain a territorial dispute in the Aegean, where Athens demands to extend its airspace to 10 nautical miles around its islands, which would clearly conflict with Turkish territorial rights given the proximity of many Greek islands to Turkey.