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Say ‘’Türkiye’’: Turkey wants to change the way we say its name

A campaign launched by the Ankara government wants to popularise Turkey’s Turkish name, “Türkiye”, to use instead of “Turkey”.

Say “Türkiye”: this is the proposal of Turkey, which wants to change the way its name is said internationally and replace words like “Turkei”, “Turquie” or “Turkey” with “Türkiye”.

According to newspapers such as Milliyet, Say Türkiye is the second phase of the Hello Türkiye campaign launched at the end of last year by the Directorate of Communications of the Turkish Presidency, and its objective is to promote the use of the name “Türkiye” abroad so that the word is increasingly identified with the country, replacing words like “Turkey”, which in English has a double meaning so many Turks consider it in some way offensive.

To this end, the Turkish government is seeking the support of the country’s business and merchant associations, who – according to Turkish media reports – have been asked to promote the use of the name “Türkiye” also on labelling, where “Made in Turkey” will tend to be replaced by “Made in Türkiye”.

Furthermore, all public institutions in Turkey will join this campaign by using the word “Türkiye” instead of “Turkey” on their websites and social media accounts in foreign languages. Contacts have also been established with social platforms and Internet search engines to change “Turkey” to “Türkiye” to refer to the country.

The ultimate goal of the Say Türkiye campaign is the country’s Turkish name to become popular and familiar outside of Turkey; it is even envisaged that the word “Türkiye” could replace “Turkey” in passports and other identity documents in languages ​​other than Turkish.