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Şanlıurfa wants its kitchen to be recognised as the oldest in the world

As part of efforts to have its cuisine recognised by UNESCO as the oldest in the world, Şanlıurfa will build a gastronomic centre.

Known for its ancient history but also for its rich and varied gastronomy, the city of Şanlıurfa, located in southeastern Turkey near Göbeklitepe (the oldest temple of Humanity), wants UNESCO to recognise its cuisine as the oldest in the world, so it is carrying out several projects with which to make the unique flavors of this region known to the whole world.

Speaking to the media, Zeynel Abidin Beyazgül, metropolitan mayor of the city, explained that several initiatives are being carried out to register the best flavors of Urfa’s gastronomy by UNESCO under the title “the oldest cuisine in the world“.

As part of these efforts, the Sakip Efendi Mansion, located next to the famous Balıklıgöl – the sacred lake located where according to tradition King Nemrod tried to throw the prophet Abraham into the fire – will be restored respecting its historical architecture and turned into a gastronomic centre where local cuisine will be served so that it can be tasted by tourists from all over Turkey and the world.

The new gastronomic centre will also offer visitors demonstration workshops to teach how the unique flavors of Şanlıurfa cuisine are created. Urfa cuisine uses highly spicy dishes and constitutes a mix of recipes from the Kurdish, Arab, Armenian, Syriac and Turkish gastronomic tradition.