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Sale of false “coronavirus-free houses” detected

The COVID-19 pandemic has not only sparked advertisements for “coronavirus-free” homes; it has also skyrocketed demand for property away from big cities by 40%.

The crisis created by the coronavirus pandemic worldwide and its recent spread in Turkey, where the first case was detected in the country on March 10th, has unleashed all kinds of reactions by the population, from exciting samples of solidarity to those who want to take advantage of public fear: this seems to be the case for those who are now trying to sell false “coronavirus-free houses”.

Experts in the real estate sector in Turkey confirm that as the dreaded COVID-19 has spread throughout Europe in recent weeks, demand in the country for single-family homes and isolated land located outside major cities has skyrocketed. However, they add that the last earthquakes had already started changes in customer preferences, and they have started to look for homes in less seismically active areas.

The purchase of land and isolated houses shoots up 40%

Gökhan Taş, head of the division for Turkey of the Coldwell Banker real estate agency, confirms a change in mentality due to the coronavirus outbreak, explaining that the search for isolated plots on online platforms has increased by 40% in the last month. Besides, there is the appearance of misleading and unreal advertisements promoting properties for sale as “coronavirus-free” or “isolated from the virus.”

“We are seeing that young professionals who (until now) have focused more on investment opportunities in the city have now turned their sights to the outskirts of Istanbul as well as to the (more distant) provinces of Muğla, Çanakkale and Tekirdağ.” says Taş.

Toros Cumhur, director of the real estate agency ERA, stresses that the preferences of real estate buyers may change suddenly depending on the current situation, and he also admits that, due to the spread of the coronavirus in Europe, there is much greater demand in recent weeks for houses and land outside Istanbul, “even among those who a few months ago wanted to invest in the city.”