Istanbul, estrange death of Russian journalist Andre Vltchek

Russian journalist found dead in Istanbul

Andre Vltchek, born in Russia but with US nationality, was found dead by his wife in their car. Turkish police considers it “suspicious”.

Andre Vltchek, a journalist born in Russia and a nationalised American, was found dead on Tuesday in a car in the Karaköy neighbourhood of Istanbul, a death that the Turkish police is already investigating but whose circumstances are considered “suspicious“.

The 57-year-old journalist was travelling accompanied by his wife Rossie Indira Vltchek and two drivers who had taken them from the province of Samsun – on the Turkish Black Sea coast – where they had been staying for 9 days spending a few days off, before renting a vehicle to head to Istanbul.

It was when they arrived at their hotel in Karaköy at 5:30 am on Tuesday when his wife Indira tried to wake up Vltchek thinking that he had fallen asleep, but could not wake him up. His wife and the two drivers then called the emergency services, but the medical personnel who came to the scene could only confirm the death of the journalist.

Turkish police cordoned off the area around the vehicle and launched a forensic investigation into Vltchek’s bizarre death, in which both his wife and both drivers were questioned. Police sources confirmed to Turkish press that the case is being treated as a “suspicious death“.

Andre Vltchek is a Russian-born investigative journalist who subsequently obtained US citizenship. He worked for many years covering various conflicts in 140 countries around the world, including Bosnia, Mexico, India or the Middle East, and has written articles for newspapers such as Der Spiegel or The Guardian, as well as several books. He described himself as a “revolutionary” fighting against “Western imperialism.”