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Rumours about Netflix’s departure from Turkey denied

Netflix has been embroiled in recent weeks in controversy over the alleged removal of a homosexual-oriented character in one of its Turkish series, “Love 101”.

The famous streaming content platform Netflix has categorically denied the rumours that appeared on social media about its supposed departure from Turkey or the suspension of its operations in the Eurasian country.

In a statement from the company published on Monday in numerous Turkish media, Netflix claimed to be “committed to its Turkish users” and to the country’s “community of creators”, referring to the producers and actors of Turkish series, very popular among the content offered by the platform worldwide.

The company has been involved in recent weeks in controversy after the premiere of a new Turkish original Netflix series, “Love 101, where according to information published earlier this month, the role of a homosexual character was changed at the last minute following an express request from the Supreme Council of Radio and Television of Turkey (RTÜK), which regulates television content in the country.

“We are proud of the talent we work with. We are very excited about the projects both in production and scheduled ones that will soon begin to be filmed, and we are eager to share these stories with our partners around the world,” said Netflix in the statement.

Meeting between Netflix and the Turkish authorities denied

The public announcement issued by Netflix coincided with other statements made by the vice president of the conservative party AKP -main party in Turkey- Mahir Ünal, who also denied the rumours that Netflix was going to leave the country through his Twitter account, and affirmed his belief that the platform will show greater sensitivity to Turkey’s culture and values, as well as “closer cooperation” with authorities.

However, he categorically denied the information that appeared in recent weeks that pointed to an alleged meeting between representatives of Netflix and the Turkish authorities, as a result of the controversy over the Turkish series Love 101. “Netflix Turkey has not met with the authorities, nor at the political level (with AKP representatives) or at the State level with the Communications Office of the Turkish Presidency.” “Why would Netflix want to leave Turkey?” he added.