Russia's Putin

Putin accuses Ukraine of intending to destroy the TurkStream gas pipeline

Putin has accused Kyiv and NATO of organizing “terrorist attacks” against Russia, saying the bombing of Ukraine is a warning.

Russian President Vladimir Putin accused Ukraine on Monday of wanting to destroy the TurkStream gas pipeline, amid a campaign of intense missile strikes on Ukrainian military, communications and energy infrastructure, in retaliation for the attack that destroyed part of the bridge linking Crimea with Russia.

In a televised appearance, Putin confirmed that Russia had launched a massive long-range missile bombardment campaign against Ukraine’s vital infrastructure after the attack over the weekend that left the vital bridge linking Russia with the annexed Crimean peninsula almost unusable. “It is obvious that the Ukrainian secret services ordered, organized and carried out the terrorist attack with the aim of destroying Russia’s critical civilian infrastructure,” the Russian leader said.

“Through its actions, the Kiev regime has put itself on a par with the most heinous international terrorist groups. It is simply impossible to leave such crimes unanswered,” Putin added during a televised meeting of his National Security Council, accusing Ukraine of having become a “terrorist state.” He also claimed that the Kyiv government had attempted to carry out an attack on a nuclear power plant in Russia, and on a section of the TurkStream gas pipeline that carries natural gas from Russia to Europe via the Black Sea and Turkey.

“They have committed several terrorist attacks and attempted similar crimes against electric power and gas transportation facilities in our country, including an attempt to blow up one of the sections of the TurkStream gas transportation system… All this is proven by unbiased evidence, including the very testimony of the perpetrators of these terrorist attacks, who have been arrested”, insisted the head of the Kremlin.

Putin also assured that the attempt to attack the TurkStream gas pipeline was part of the attacks carried out against the Nord Stream gas pipelines (which connect Russia with Germany through the Baltic), for which he once again held Ukraine and NATO responsible, insisting on that it is clear who is “the one who benefits in the end” from the destruction of the Nord Stream. “If attempts to carry out terrorist acts on our territory continue, Russia’s responses will be harsh in escalate… Let no one doubt that,” he warned.