Ankara, pastry sells purple baklava

Purple baklava from this Ankara pastry is a sensation in Turkey

Made from fruits and vegetables, this violet baklava is recommended for people with diabetes due to its low sugar content.

A pastry shop in the capital of Turkey, Ankara, is causing a sensation throughout the country with its speciality: nothing less than baklava – a typical Turkish sweet made of filo pastry stuffed with pistachios or crushed walnuts, and bathed in syrup – which thanks to the addition of certain fruits and vegetables is coloured… purple.

“At first we had adverse reactions. Some even asked if we used food colouring. But now even the most traditionals (of baklava) have become fans,” explains the manager of the pastry shop, Kenan Taşçı, assuring that they are having a hard time coping with the growing demand for its innovative product.

It is not some kind of food colouring nor is it a secret ingredient: the reason this baklava turns purple is because it is made from black carrots, beets, pomegranates, cherries and blackberries. “As the percentage of sugar in this baklava is so low, it is the most suitable for those who have diabetes“, Taşçı emphasises.

In fact, Betül Çelik Demiral, a food engineer who works for the pastry shop, assures that they do not use glucose or any sweetener to make this strange and delicious purple baklava, that has become a sensation in Turkey. “We made it with diabetic patients in mind. Yes, some rejected the idea at first… but now it is the most demanded product,” he explains.