Turkey, printed newspapers

Printed newspapers continue declining in Turkey

Due to Internet pressure, the number of newspapers and magazines published in Turkey fell last year by 8%.

Printed newspapers, which once had one of its paradises in Turkey due to the large number of publications in the country and its large print run, continues to show evident signs of decline as more and more users turn to Internet to access information and read newspapers online.

According to figures published on Monday by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK), the number of newspapers and magazines published in Turkey last year fell by 8%; specifically in 2019, 5,485 newspapers and magazines were published in the country, with more than 57% magazines, and the rest newspapers of all kinds.

A comparison with the figures of the last years shows the continuous decrease in the number of printed publications existing in the country; for example, in 2014, 4,176 magazines were published in Turkey, but this number had already fallen to 3,148 in 2019; as for newspapers, last year a total of 2,337 were published throughout the country, compared to 2,780 in 2010.

Not only there is a decrease in the number of printed publications, but also in sales due to pressure from online publications. In 2019, more than 1.2 billion copies of newspapers and magazines were printed, also a 8% fall. More than 94% were newspapers, and of these only 7.3% were national press while the rest were local. The phenomenon of the progressive disappearance of printed newspapers has caused more and more newspapers to abandon paper to publish only online.