Plane from Iran lands in Iran due to coronavirus

Plane with evacuees from Iran because of the coronavirus lands in Turkey

At least 17 of the 132 passengers, all of them Turkish citizens repatriated from Iran, had symptoms such as high fever. All of them will be subjected to quarantine and tests to detect the coronavirus.

A plane of the Turkish state airline Turkish Airlines coming from Iran landed on Tuesday at Ankara Esenboğa airport repatriating a group of Turkish citizens, some of them with possible symptoms of the coronavirus, so all of them will be put under quarantine for 14 days .

At least 17 of the 132 people – all of them Turkish citizens repatriated from Iran – who were travelling aboard the plane would have shown high fever, and in fact several of the passengers would come from the city of Qom, the focus of the COVID-19 outbreak in Iran , where according to official figures have been detected more than 60 infected and 15 dead, although other unofficial sources have spoken of more than fifty dead.

The 132 passengers and the flight crew will be placed under quarantine for a period of 14 days and will undergo tests to confirm whether they are infected or not by the virus, according to Turkish Health Minister Fahrettin Koca, who denied the previously appeared information indicating that the plane had been diverted from Istanbul to Ankara for possible cases of coronavirus. He, however, insisted that the flight was already planned.

These are the first Turkish citizens arriving from Iran, after on Sunday Turkey closed its borders with Iran; they were all taken to a previously evacuated hospital in Ankara , where they will spend a 14-day quarantine.

Turkish air companies, including Turkish Airlines and Pegasus, have in fact already announced the suspension of most of their connections by plane with China and Iran due to the coronavirus, with few exceptions; Turkish Airlines confirmed on Tuesday the suspension of its flights to China until the end of February, while flights to Iran are cancelled at least until March 10.