Turkish Airlines plane draws flag over Anatolia

Plane draws the world’s largest flag over the skies of Turkey

A Turkish Airlines Boeing 777 aircraft drew the world’s largest flag over Anatolia to mark the 100th anniversary of the constitution of the Turkish parliament.

A Turkish Airlines plane made a very special flight on April 23th, flying over the Anatolian skies for two hours to draw on it the silhouette of the national flag of Turkey coinciding with the celebration of the 100th anniversary of the constitution of the Parliament of the Turkish Republic.

The plane, which was assigned flight code TK1920 precisely in honor of the first centenary of the creation of the Great Turkish National Assembly (Parliament) on April 23th, 1920, followed a predetermined route to draw over the skies of Anatolia the crescent and star that make up the national ensign of Turkey.

Websites like Flightradar24, where you can follow live the traffic of thousands of planes around the world and their flight routes, recorded the two-hour flight of the Turkish Airlines Boeing 777.

Every April 23th is celebrated in Turkey as Children and National Sovereignty Day, coinciding with the day that in 1920 the National Assembly (parliament) was created in Ankara during the Turkish War of Independence; it is a date in which children are also given special importance, being the oldest day dedicated to childhood in the world. However, the coronavirus has forced to suspend the celebrations planned for this year.

In a message posted through its Twitter account, Turkish Airlines posted a special video showing how the entire plane flight had been prepared to draw the Turkish flag over the Anatolian skies. “As Turkey celebrates Children and National Sovereignty Day on April 23th, watch Turkish Airlines create the world’s largest national flag in the sky,” the message said.