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Pandemic aggravates the crisis of printed media

In 2020, 14% of newspapers and magazines published in Turkey disappeared, and printed media sales plummeted 20%.

The COVID-19 pandemic has further aggravated the crisis that printed media has suffered for years in many countries, including Turkey, where statistical data make it clear that readers are less and less interested in this type of publications and opt for online formats.

Data published by the Turkish Statistical Institute (TÜİK) reveal that during the year 2020, when the coronavirus forced strict confinements and many people remained locked in their homes or limited their physical contacts, the press published on paper suffered especially the restrictions, and newspaper and magazine sales plummeted.

Thus, in 2020 the number of newspapers and magazines published in Turkey fell by 13.5% to 4,746 publications, of which 54% were magazines and the rest were newspapers. In addition, the circulation of newspapers and magazines plummeted in the same year by 20.9% to 996.5 million copies, the majority being newspapers, mainly local, while national newspapers represented only 6.5%. In contrast, the majority of magazines in circulation are national in scope.

These data on the decline and crisis of printed media are even worse than those of 2019, when the number of newspapers and magazines published on paper in Turkey had already fallen by 8%, and their circulation also decreased by another 8%. The fact is that more and more people are turning to the Internet, especially among younger generations, and the pandemic has accelerated a shift towards 100% digital newspapers that will be published only online… something that seems unavoidable.