Turkey, Tarkan concert stage collapsed

One injured in Turkey after Tarkan concert stage collapse

The stage where the famous Turkish singer Tarkan was going to give a concert tomorrow in İzmir, collapsed last night.

One person was injured after the huge stage where the famous Turkish singer Tarkan was scheduled to offer a massive concert on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the liberation of Izmir during the Turkish War of Independence, collapsed last night in Turkey, in a shocking accident that has surprised the artist himself and forced to change plans about his performance.

The event occurred on the night of September 7, while the work for setting up the stage was being completed and the sound equipment for the concert was being prepared; it was then that, for reasons that are still being investigated, the stage suddenly collapsed after a loud noise was heard, sowing panic among the people who were in the vicinity at that time.

The incident caused injuries to one person, who had to be transferred to a nearby hospital although it was not serious, and fortunately there were no deceased; but the authorities ordered the evacuation of the place, and three cranes moved there to remove the remains of the scene. “The (stage) roof fell in, and everything came crashing down just as we walked past. There was no screaming or anything, and the security guards said that there was no one there, but the stage was completely destroyed, and they turned off the lights,” said a witness.

As soon as he heard the news, Tarkan expressed his sadness about what happened through social media: “I am very happy to know that at least my teammates are fine. I wish everyone a speedy recovery. Meanwhile, I’m on my way. I am going to İzmir. We will do everything possible so that this concert can be held,” the singer wrote through his official profile.

The İzmir Metropolitan City Council has confirmed that there were no deaths or serious injuried in the accident, and has announced that the new venue for Tarkan’s September 9 concert will be moved from Republic Square to nearby Gündoğdu Square, opposite to the Atatürk Museum in the city. The move, however, is a blow to homeowners in the former area, who had rented houses with balconies facing the stage to Tarkan fans for prices of up to 500 euros a night.