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Number of drones in Turkey multiplied by 4 in just 3 years

Drones are becoming a very important part of daily life in Turkey. In 2019 there were more than 34,000 drones and more than 52,000 registered drone pilots.

The number of drones in Turkey, which reached 8,000 in 2016, has shot up in recent years multiplying by 4, reaching 34,150 in 2019, while the number of people who have obtained a pilot license now reaches 52,120, compared to to the 35,000 that there were in 2018, according to data published in the Turkish press.

Drones have become a very important part of daily life, also in Turkey, where they are used for all kinds of purposes, from professional use to merely as a hobby. However, this increase in the use of UAVs has also translated into an increase in fines: the penalties for misuse of drones in 2019 totalled 379,675 liras, about 51,000 euros.

In July 2019, an online drone registry was enabled in Turkey to provide flight permits that greatly contributed to increase drone traffic; all devices weighing between 500 grams and 25 kilos are registered in this system, and their pilots must have a license for their use, either for professional purposes or as a hobby.

Drones are also used for different purposes by the Turkish security forces: lately, even to warn citizens through a drone public address system if they do not comply with security regulations due to the coronavirus.